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Call for Responses, 2019 Party Date!?

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#TeamEitel Beard Shave Donation Challenge!


So, you aren’t a fan of this glorious beard you say? Well it may be your lucky day. For the next two weeks Ill be tracking all donations to TeamEitel’s 2015 #leukemiaandlymphomasociety #lightthenight Campaign and the individual who donates the most OR has the most donated in their name will be able to shave it off themselves! So head on over to the TeamEitel’s LLS page via (or direct at and get to kicking some cancer booty! Good luck 😉 #TeamEitel #fCancer #kcfc #lls #ltn #tamethemane #ends20150621 #thatsjunetwentyfirst

Less thinking, less problems


Greed is so well organized that we call it economic prosperity.
Ill will is so organized that we call it defense and we make weapons and war.
Ignorance is so well organized that we study about everything except ourselves.
I try to decrease the thoughts in my mind. If we stopped thinking we’d have no problems.
Ari Yaratne (called the Gandhi of Sri Lanka)