2016 #TeamEitel FUNdraiser Party Date – Saturday, July 23!

These past 7.5 months have been quite the adventure, filled with positive learning experiences, a growing appreciation for something that I did not understand much of before, even with 7-8 years a IT Contractor supporting ‘it’ and a FREE (with time served) education on a topic I’ve always been interested in.? I’d be lying if I said that the thought of coming home to see my friends and family was not on my mind every single day (and sometimes for hours on end, especially while at RTC or standing some tedious watch or bogus field days). Those thoughts keep me motivated; to do my best, to be happy and at peace while serving on active duty. And I have had it easy here and so far in my early, while late, navy career, with phone and computer access, decent food, a routine schedule, an amazing track and gym, the beach nearby and a liberty policy catering to adults (which was not always the case).? I couldn’t be happier with my decision and commitment to enlist last year.? It’s taught me so much, but I’ll spare the details for now as we’re all hopefully here for this final point.

The 2016 #TeamEitel party! July, 23, 2016. It will be hosted at the same location as years past. I’m hoping to lock down Granfalloons to support an after party as has become tradition. I hope everyone will be able to come out, even if just for a bit to say hello. I know we’re going to miss a few of you, due to scheduling and I’m sorry about that. Last year served as sort of a “going away” party, this will be a bit of a “home coming” for me. So I’d personally appreciate everyone able to stop by, take a dip in the pool and enjoy the day.

I know the majority of you are still on fbook, but I gave up on it, so if you could share this link and let people know about this event I would greatly appreciate it. I’ll post more updates on this site and I I have a few very special people I can count on to share any updates (MOMMA BEAR, TIFFER, JESSICA, ANDY, etc) via facebook as needed.

All for now:
All my love,

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