Falloons – #TeamEitel Fundraiser Success!

We wanted to thank the staff and management of Falloons for hosting a #TeamEitel event this past Saturday November 23rd. The majority of us showed up during the quiet dinner crowd, which happened to be a wonderful time and all of the sudden like out of no where at around 9PM the place got packed, as the night went on it got even more packed. The bartenders were slammed, but that’s exactly what I intended a #TeamEitel event to provide. We sold out of the #TeamEitel Keep Calm & Fight Cancer bands by 10 PM! At that point a few members of #TeamEitel ended up selling their own bands so that those who wanted them could have one! The place stayed packed all night long, we met a lot of great and generous people and can’t be more thankful for how the event went down and turned out.

We will be publishing the total numbers later today once the final count is in.

Thank you to all who attended and again to the fabulous Falloons staff and management for the support and opportunity!

Here are a few gem’s from the weekend:

teameitel3 teameitel2 teameitel5 teameitel4 teameitel6 teameitel7 teameitel8

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